The Wedding Industry is made up of creative problem solvers. We are passionate about making sure our couples have the day they have always dreamt of, and we see no reason why that should change due to Covid 19 restrictions. 

The contributors to this site are a group of forward thinking suppliers within the industry. They have contributed their time to make sure that they can still provide you with versions of your wedding plans that support the government issued guidelines. 

These suppliers are not trying to find loopholes, or work in a way that isn’t safe, we are very aware that no matter the size of your wedding, you are still having to put all the people you love the most in one room. We are covering as many of the logistically elements of weddings as possible. 

What we want to do is ensure you have the wedding you deserve and we are grateful to the people below for their contribution.

This list is forever growing, becoming more inclusive and diverse.